Technology & Innovation

Award-winning engines that result from innovation, refinement and passion.
A relentless dedication to improving powertrain efficiency and performance has led to a number of achievements. Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology that improves fuel efficiency and pushes out more power. Four Hyundai vehicles that get up to 40 EPA-estimated miles per gallon on the highway. Having our engines named to the prestigious Ward's 10 Best Engines list, not once, but four times since 2009. And an entire team of managers and engineers who aren't afraid to ask "Have you tried?" Because no matter how impossible it sounds, they always find a way to design a better engine.
Two hundred and six horses have never left such a small footprint.
To make a better hybrid, we had to do three things. Instead of relying on current hybrid battery technology, we made lithium polymer batteries that are 25% lighter, smaller and more efficient. We made our batteries last longer, so you can focus on driving, without worrying about maintenance. And we made hybrid cars that deliver the highest horsepower in their class so you can get better performance than our competitors. Because we didn't set out to make a hybrid, we set out to make the best hybrid for you. 

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