Solution Paid Review Blog

Paid Review troubled list? read this first. No doubt it's that provide paid to review (PTR) imposes the condition that does not even easy for bloggers especially beginners. Terms of the most dominant is the pagerank (PR) levels at least 2 or PR1 + PR +. Not to mention that at least with Alexa under 1 million.

For those who are eligible, simply live and diaprove list. But what about the speckle meet. A pile of tips n trikpun emerging, ranging from SEO optimization to buy high PR domains and of course at a reasonable price (prices are not appropriate for children boarding mediocre). Wow ... Seba wrong. And already in aprove blogs, even though a high PRnya and Alexa below 1 million, not necessarily every day to jobs. Nah loh ...

Rather than, rather than conscious, let alone waste time waiting for PR until mumet naek. Granny bizarre love the new blog PTR lahirpun can aprove and can dapet job. Is LinkFromBlog.

Do not expect how much their salary if the blog just now born. PRnya higher the higher the pay. Well for the nascent blog, no harm come. As a media workout, yet paid USD1 also been pretty right while writing her blog get money while preparing for PTR ngegaet more big pay.

Sponsored reviewsNamanya also career, could not immediately be directors. So the first porters not consistent and important issues in our own PTR determine our career. Well LinkFromBlog also accept Indonesian blogs like this blog, this blog tuh just look too new PR 1 (at least at this writing dipublis).
Well, do not be long winded, yet the reader will soon know if it has been plunging in LinkFromBlog. .
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