Is the End of the World in 2012

In the month of the December of the 2012, the world we have known and loved will come to an end. There will be massive earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, volcanoes, and the air we breathe will be polluted with the stench of death, right ? No, 2012 will not be much different from 2010 or 2011. Every year we experience devastating events, it could be fires in Orange County, or San Diego County, or Los Angeles County. Landslides from heavy rains. Flooding along the Mississippi, or The Rio Grand, or in Bangladesh, or along the Amazon. Earthquakes in Japan, or Mexico, like the recent Mexicali earthquake. Hurricanes, such as Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Alex or perhaps Tsunami like the one in Thailand. The world is a dangerous place and once you set foot outside your home you never know where you will end.

One minute you could be enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home and family, the next minute you could find yourself on the street bleeding to death. What is certain about 2012 is that a lot of people are using it to exploit other people. It is a means of transferring wealth a little bit at time, enough so to turn a profit, buy boats, luxury cars, and fancy homes. What 2012 is all about is really nothing more than time to replace the old calendar. The old Mayan calendar has reached the end. It is the last page and if happen to have one, it will be time to enlist the help of all your friends and family to lug that giant multi-ton stone calendar out, put it on the recycling curve and get yourself the new one in.

Don’t know if the Mayans still make calendars, but a bit of their culture has been preserved, so maybe they still do.
It is sad to see how much physical, emotional and economic harm the 2012 Mayan end of the world myth has created. It may be that people want change and want to be on top for once. They are hoping that they are prepared for something that will put them on top. Essentially people are often looking for a do over. Lets start a fresh, so I can get ahead of the game. Not much different than wishing we could be 18 again and start life from fresh from the experiences we have learned during our lives.

These myths are often the kind of thinks that keep your local lawyers busy, whether it be an Orange County personal injury lawyer, a Florida Deputy DA, or perhaps New York attorney general. Essentially opportunity is created from false hopes and these myths and while the opportunists may sell products that are harmless in by selling solutions to non existing problems, others may sell products that go beyond that and may cause bodily injury, mental anguish, or perhaps severe economic harm.

A man once said there is a sucker born every minute and another equally brilliant but perhaps much more benign man said a pain save is a penny earned. Both applicable to the 2012 replacement of the calendar myth and good advise, perhaps when understood in the right context enough to help guide someone in the right direction.
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