End of the World

There seems to be a lot of theories when it comes to December 21,2012 that strikes fear into the hearts of a lot of people in society. One of these theories is that the end of the world is coming on that particular date by a deluge that engulfs the earth with massive amounts of water until all life has perished on the planet. Another is the earth supposed to catch on fire from our sun and burn all life forms and the last one is the planet nibiru which means"planet of the crossing"comes into our solar system and beings from this planet called 'anunnaki"come to earth in a spacecraft to save certain people and bring them back to nibiru.Nibiru is what some call the twelfth planet and is ten times the size of earth. It comes within our solar system every 3600 years and suppose to come back around in 2012.

The anunnaki are beings that came to earth millions of years ago to dig within the earths surface for gold because they had a hole in the ozone layer of there atmosphere. What they did with this gold was shoot gold particles into the atmosphere to patch up the hole in there ozone layer.Mining for gold was a very hard task for these beings so the story goes that they took genes from within themselves and some sort of ape type of animal and made man to do hard labor inside of these mines. As man evolved they taught man ancient science and made certain men what they called demi-gods.When they first came to earth they were in what was called Mesopotamia which is now Iraq and later migrated into Africa,India,and other parts of the world and built pyramids and megalithic statues. When nibiru leaves back out of our solar system they leave with it until it comes back around,this is one of the 2012 predictions.

I doubt that this is what is going to take place,but what i do know is going to happen from extensive research is what some call the" processional equinox" this is what the Mayan calendar is all about.December 21,2012 is when the center of the milky way,the dog star Sirius,the central sun of the Pleides star system Alcyone,and our sun all line up with one another.This alignment will bring about a force or energy to our planet.This force or energy is what some call the photon belt and when earth enters into the photon belt drastic changes will occur.One thing that will take place with earth is a pole shift that will gradually bring land up from water and you will see water on some places where you see land now.

The end of the world is not coming just the end of one age which is Pisces and beginning of a new age which is Aquarius.This is the spiritual age where we will be able to attain Christ consciousness.Those of us who are now on the spiritual path will become more enlightened and those who are wicked and destructive minded will become more wicked and destructive minded.2012 will be a very important time for humanity because we will be able to connect back to the universal mind from which we were once disconnected.Humanity will start seeing itself as one as a whole instead of individually.It is very important now to get into meditation and learn how to master or lower self so we can connect with our higher self.Then and only then shall the meek inherit the earth.The end of the world is not 2012,but a beginning of a new world whose purpose is to uplift fallen humanity.Humanity is in a state of complete darkness. So,don't get shook up about 2012 just work on yourself now so we all can work together later.
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